Friday, December 16, 2011

WEVerb11 - 11 - Try

Try. What 12 new things do you want to do/accomplish in 2012?

Given that this blog is already a list, it's difficult trying to think of "new" things to do next year but here goes :

1.       Learn to drive our car on a motorway. I passed my test just this Friday and I will be taking my Pass Plus in the New Year.

2.       Complete the Chase Walk (all 40 miles of it).
3.       Reach peak physical fitness.
4.       Start the process for a little H!
5.       Launch the new blog after finishing this one.
6.       Reduce my chocolate consumption to only the quality stuff.
7.       Work my way through my recipe books and actually try them instead of drooling!
8.       Learn how to take photos properly, even if our camera is only a point and shoot!
9.       Make at least one item from the dress patterns in my sewing drawer
10.   Finish off things from my list – I know it’s not new but some of them won’t get done before March!
11.   Dress better – I’ve let my personal style slip since the massive weight gain and gradual loss, and I need to get it back!
12.   Develop a regular fitness regime I will stick to!

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