Friday, December 16, 2011

WEVerb11 - 16 - Persevere

Persevere. Describe something that disappointed you in 2011 and how you persevered.
Wow, this post is going to open a can of worms.
During the course of our wedding, I was circulating the crowd (as you do) and as I approached one of the tables I realised that one of my best friends was not there. I enquired around my hen party girls as we had all exchanged numbers that weekend and no-one had heard from her. In fact, one of the hens had been in contact with her only a few days before confirming she would be at the wedding.
I put it at the back of mind because as selfish as this sounds, it was our wedding day and I had other things to think about. When we got back to the hotel that night I checked my phone; no text or missed phone call.
The following evening I accessed Facebook and changed my relationship status to Married. Again, no communication from her.
It was only on the Monday night when I put a status update about eating leftover wedding cake that I got a text message. During the following text conversation I was honest with her and said I was very disappointed she hadn’t made it to the wedding, nor bothered to contact either me or the hens earlier. I said I was willing to put it behind us and move on. Subsequently, every time we arranged to meet up she pulled out at the last minute because it wasn’t convenient for her. We then tried to arrange to go and see her, but she told us not to bother making any special effort to go and see her.
This for me was the last straw. I started to realise that it was always me making the effort to meet up and since I moved out of the area; she had never once come over to the new house, despite promising she would. So, I stopped contacting her. She stayed as a Facebook friend and I kept her number in my phone until September, but after no response to the messages about Paul’s dad I cut her off. I have grieved for a lost friend, but in hindsight, had I lost her before the wedding?
It has made me appreciate my girls so much more, I don’t make friends easily and 2012 will be my tenth anniversary with my girlies. And fingers crossed we’ll reach our golden anniversary.
At BT's wedding, excuse the bad picture quality - need to teach husband about camera focus!

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