Friday, October 28, 2011

And Down to Earth With a Bump!

Although I'm relearning my French, and I thought I was doing well, I was brought down to earth with a bump today!

I work in a University and one of the members of staff was needing some help deciphering the French answerphone system. Evenutally we got the problem sorted but it was a mix of French and English in the end that did it. Whoops! Oh and my Sexy Foreign Woman providing me with vocab words when I got stuck, thanks darlin!

Maybe I should have more lessons :

fail owned pwned pictures

Or not ...

Happy weekend guys, I'm off for a dirty weekend and to improve the lives of Mancunians by smiling at 100 of them!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


As fun as it sounds to try and make our house take off with loads of balloons, Mythbusters totally busted that one!

But ...  we did do the balloon release this weekend. We took Paul's niece and nephew out to the Build a Bear Workshop for her birthday treat. (Got to commend BABW in Leicester, they were fantastic!)

And then we came back and did the balloon release :

Look at the joy on those kids faces!

We had also planned on doing Chat Roulette that night as part of Paul's birthday celebrations, but this happened :

Cocktails at Hakamou, Dancing at Mosh, Bed at 3am ... whoops

Ooh, and as another side thing, I tried my hand at icing a cake (albeit a dinky one) but for my first try I am pretty chuffed :

Can I count this as having properly iced a cake?!?!?!?!?!?